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Useful Information

Size Comparisons
To help you choose the right Pelikan for your needs, we have put together some information to help you make an informed choice. From luxury to more low-cost, this page shows a size comparison of the main fountain pens so you can get an idea of which is most suitable for you. More information will follow soon including some more size comparison.

Handwriting Samples
To help you choose the right nib for your new Pelikan, we have put some nib width comparisons to help you decide which nib is best for you and your fountain pen.

How to Fill a Pelikan Fountain Pen with Ink
Most of Pelikan's fountain pens have their traditional and trademark differentiated piston filling mechanism, if you have not seen or used it before, this page gives some information on how it works.

What are Oblique and Italic Nibs?
A little blog type piece about Oblique and Italic nibs

We have added some useful and interesting videos here, some of which we have made and some are from Pelikan. We have put them on to teach and inform - if you have any suggestions for videos for us to make or suggestions for videos to include here, please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have included some questions that we have had customers ask us over the years so have put them here to help you make your decision.

A Short History of Pelikan
We have put together a little information on the journey of Pelikan from an ink manufacturer formed in 1838 to the giant stationary and luxury fountain pen company they are today.

View Previous Special & Limited Editions
We have been selling Pelikan since 2004 and over the years we have had the pleasure of seeing many of their beautiful and unique Special & Limited Edition pens which are no longer available.

Although we are unable to acquire any more of these exclusive pens, we thought that some of our customers may appreciate a gallery, primarily of those which we have been lucky enough to stock over the years, but also some we have not.

Hanover Visit
In the Summer of 2009, Ray and Ross visited the production factory, administrative headquarters and historical production factory of Pelikan in Hanover to admire some of the techniques used to make luxury fountain pens.

Some comments of our customers over the last few years