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Handwriting Samples

Comparison of Pelikan Nib Sizes

I have written some sample text using all the different nib widths that Pelikan produce in the Souveran Range.

Depending on how you hold your pen will make a difference to the thick/thin line variation you will get, but hopefully the sample text will give you some idea of the thickness of the nibs.

It is important to remember that all of Pelikan's nibs are hand finished and therefore there may be a degree of variation in nib widths.

Everybody has different hand writing preferences. Therefore, whilst we try our hardest to provide you with exactly what you require, it can sometimes take a few attempts as only you know what you are looking for from a nib.

Size Comparison Image

Size Comparison Image

EF - Extra Fine

F - Fine

M - Medium

B - Broad

BB - Double Broad