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How to fill a Pelikan fountain pen

How to Fill a Pelikan Fountain Pen with Ink

Instructions on how to fill a piston filler fountain pen with ink can be found below.

Please click here to see a tutorial video that we have made which you may find easier to follow than our instructions. There is nothing to download, the video will stream straight from the web.


Hold the pen up to the light and you should be able to see how much ink is in the chamber, through the striations or the ink view section of the barrel.

Step 1

Fully turn the end of the pen (the filler knob) anti-clockwise to send the plunger towards the nib.

· Fully submerge the nib into the ink

· Turn the filler knob clockwise fully, which will draw the plunger back and therefore, fill the chamber with ink

Step 1

Step 2

Remove the nib from the ink and let the excess ink drip off the nib back into the bottle

· Gently turn the end of the pen anti-clockwise so that 2 or 3 drops of ink fall from the nib back into the bottle (this ensures that there are no airlocks in the chamber)!!

Step 2

Step 3

· Point the pen nib upwards and gently turn the end of the pen clockwise - you may see excess ink around the nib draw back into the pen

· Dab any excess ink with a tissue

· Your pen is now full of ink

Step 3

Cleaning Instructions

You should clean the pen every few times that you fill it with ink. The best way to clean your fountain pen is by emptying any ink from the pen first, and then filling and emptying the pen by holding the nib under a tap of cold running water, and turning the filler knob clockwise then anti-clockwise several times.

This is will ensure that no ink sediment builds up in the ink and you get the best possible writing quality from the nib.

We have made another video which is available to view which demonstrates the above cleaning technique. Please click here to view it!!