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Pelikan Souveran M805 Fountain Pen - Stresemann

500 325.00


Nib Width

Product Description:

Large and weighty traditional Pelikan piston-fill fountain pen. Can only be used with bottled ink.

Large, 18 carat gold nib with rhodium decoration. Solid brass, plated internal mechanism. Screw fit cap with palladium plated trim.

This model is Pelikan's signature striations in a new anthracite 'Stresemann' pattern with black cap and filler knob - the Black stripes are actually transparent, so when the pen is held upto light, you can see the level of remaining ink. Also, you can just about see the mechanism moving through the stripes when you turn the filler knob.

Stresemann was the name of a German politician who was famed in Germany for wearing grey pinstripe suits. Around the time the Pelikan fountian pens were released he was in the news and so the stripped Pelikan was nicknamed Stresemann after him.

Luxury fountain pen.

Weight - 29g
Length (Closed) - 14cm
Length (Cap posted) - 17cm

Holds around 2.0ml of ink (a standard short cartridge holds 0.75ml and a standard large cartridge holds 1.45ml)

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